Collateral Looks to make a Name in Louisville

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A new band has arrived on the Louisville scene. a combination on blues, funk, and jam Collateral is creating a sound that is completely their own. Collateral is made up of lead singer and guitarist Josh Newell, bassist Sean Sullivan, guitarist Collin English, and drummer John Brennen.

This recently formed group has a classic rock influence that is apparent through much of their music especially in their cover of the Pink Floyd classic Wish you were here. These influences can also be heard in Newell’s  voice, and English and Sullivan’s playing, which reminds me of some of my favorite classic rock and blues artists.    I know from playing with Brennen in a previous band The Robber Barons he provides a unique jazz drumming style to Collateral’s already eclectic style.

While this band has only played three shows around Louisville look for them to make a big push in the Louisville scene this summer and beyond.


Skull Alley a great venue for all ages.

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With this past week being Easter I did not have a chance to contact any local bands I am again going to turn to a venue for this weeks post.  Located at 1017 E Broadway Skull Alley is a local concert hall for all ages.  Like many of Louisville’s Skull Alley has hosted many popular local groups including Yardsale, and The Highlight Reel.  In fact about two weeks ago Skull Alley was the venue for The Highlight Reels album release show.

In my opinion Skull Alley can be described the same way that I described Headliners in Headliners Music Hall it is not so much the look of the venue as it is the feel and atmosphere once you have a band and the local music lovers inside enjoying and sharing the great local music.

Check out upcoming events at Skull Alley by clicking on Skull Alley Events.

The Villbellies Bring a new Style to the Lousiville Scene

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The Villebillies combine a unique mix of rap and rock to create a style all their own.  The band formed in Louisville in 2001 as a MC crew combining a mixture of rap rock and bluegrass that they grew up on in Kentucky. After several years as an MC crew the group combine with a local rock group Plan the Man, whose lead singer was also a member of the Villbellies.  With the combination of the two groups was the beginning of the current band lineup.  While combination of the two groups originally created a ten piece band the current number of members is seven including, vocalists Demi Demaree, Dylan O’ Daniel, and Dustin “Tuck” Tucker,  Tim Bernauer drums, Ron Ping bass guitar, Justin Reid electric guitar,and Adam Goff acoustic guitar.

The unique mixture of rap and rock that the Villebilles are known for caught the ear of several record labels eventually signing with Universal/Motown Records in 2006, and several months later the group, having over 200 songs already written on demos, released their self titled debut album.  While the band my not have received the warmest reception from the mainstream scene they did have a major impact in the underground music scene, especially in their hometown of Louisville where they are one of the most popular local acts.  According to the local underground paper the LEO the group has won the magazines readers choice award for “best original band”, “best hip hop artist/group”, and “best roots band” which shows that while they may not be topping record sales charts they are making a name for themselves in the live music scene.

If you are looking for a fun time and a great local show be sure to check these guys out on April 17 for the Kentucky Center Thunder Over Louisville After Party with doors opening at 10pm and music starting at 11pm.  Check out the Villbellies web page for more information.

Ear X-Tacy Louisville’s local Music Stop

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I have been on a local venue kick lately and the  latest one is ear x-tacy.  More important than being a local concert venue ear x-tacy is also a local record store.  Located on Bardstown rd.  in the Highlands ear x-tacy has one of the best music selection around, whenever I’m looking for some obscure artist or feel the need to buy some vinyl ear x-tacy is the place. Of course they also have today’s popular hits.

But besides the amazing music selection the store also hosts concerts mostly featuring local acts but at the same time they also have managed to bring in larger acts including My Morning Jacket and Sara Bareilles.  Along with hosting shows the store is also a great place to find tickets to concerts all over the city.

While I could go on forever about how much I enjoy the record store, there have been rumors lately that ear x-tacy could be closing.  According to owner John Timmons the stores lease runs out this month and many are speculating that the doors of this Louisville landmark could soon be closing.  Some have attributed this to the bad economy, and others claim it is the advancement of the online music market.  I can believe that the availability of online music has changed the way people purchase their music but if you truly want to experience the your favorite music or discover something new in a great environment you have to check out ear x-tacy which will hopefully be a Bardstown road staple for a long time to come.

Mayer Hawthorne

Music for Haiti

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Several posts ago in Bellarmine Musicians Help Haiti I mentioned that Bellarmine University would be hosting a Haiti Benefit concert. Unfortunately that show was canceled because of the bad weather that was in Louisville at the time.

The re-scheduled show took place this past Wednesday with the date being changed the band lineup also had to change, my band The Robber Barons had to back, and the band IOWA took our place.  IOWA joined The Joe Blue Band Collateral and The Highlight Reel.

This line up made of an eclectic sound though out the night.  Starting with The Joe Blue Bands mellow acoustic sound, then moving on to Collateral’s bluesy rock influenced music.  Then the night got heavier with the aggressive grunge sound of IOWA.  Then the night ended with the high energy powerpop styling of The Highlight Reel.

The concert was an over all success with the event raising around $60 for Haiti and gave the Bellarmine community some exposure to several talented local bands.

Headliners Music Hall

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One of my favorite venues to see live music in Louisville has to be Headliners music hall on Lexington road.  There is nothing really special about the building itself, from the outside in-fact it looks kind of run down, but once you enter there is this atmosphere that is just great for hearing bands.

As I said before the building is nothing special inside besides the stage there is a bar across the back and a balcony  with tables but other than that it is just  a wide open room.   But once you get a few hundred people in the room and get a band playing it’s one of the best atmospheres around for a live show.

This is not just a venue for local bands Headliners has hosted a number of bands, that are now nationally known, when the y were just starting out; including Shooter Jennings, Hank Williams III, Kings of Leon, Yonder Mountain String band and others.  I personally have been at Headliners for a number of shows including Shooter Jennings Hank III and Yonder Mountain String Band.  I have also been there to see local acts including Yardsale, who has been featured on this site.

Louisville is for Lovers ends with Vol X

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Several of the bands that have recently been featured on my blog have taken part in the Louisville is for Lovers project over the years.  But that has  come to an end with the release of volume 10 on February 2 of this year.

Louisville for Lovers was started ten years ago by John King, a local musician whose goal was to provide a way for others to hear Louisville’s local music. King said, “when I first started LOUISVILLE IS FOR LOVERS, I was just so amazed at the amount of talent in town and also amazed in the lack of attention it was getting.”

To right this lack of attention King decided to have his band Team Totoro and other local bands that they played with record a Valentines Day album.  It was from this that the Louisville is For Lovers series was born.  Over the years the volumes have featured many well know local artists the best known most likely being  My Morning Jacket.  Some of the artists on this years album that I have also featured on the blog include Furlong, Yardsale and My Morning Jacket.

Unfortunately volume X. is the final installment of the Louisville is for Lovers series King speaks to this on the Louisville is for lovers site and how happy he has been with the local support stating, “There have been many many people who have worked hard to keep LOUISVILLE IS FOR LOVERS alive, hardly the work of a select few. it has been the greatest gift I have ever received,  and I can say with certainty that i wouldn’t be here today without the support of the people of Louisville who have stood behind us every step of the way.”

Yardsale Making a Name in Louisville

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In the upstairs of a local dive shop the members of Yardsale sit around cracking jokes and interrupting each other through an hour-long interview.  While I was sitting with the band I had to filter between sarcasm and fact which made for an entertaining interview.

Yardsale formed back in 2003 as a four piece band by bass and vocalist Kirk Kiefer and guitar vocals, and harmonica player Jacob Lee. That lineup changed over the next two years including Lee leaving and re-joining the band.  But after the lineup changing the band has settled on an eight member lineup joining Kiefer and Lee are; Colin Garcia drums, Chris Scott guitar/vocals, Elmer White trombone, Andrew Rhinehart Keyboard, Ellen Cherry vocals and Melanie Dillman trumpet.

The band draws influences from all sorts of different places on the spectrum and that comes through in their music.  There are several artist that all the band members mentioned such as Neil Young, Dylan and any classic rock. All of these influences are heard in songs on the band’s album “Knock Alley West” (check it out at which dropped January 30.  When asked if this was their first album Lee said “This is the 1st album that counts.”

With the release of “Knock Alley West” Yardsale now has some ammunition ,according to Kiefer, when it comes to making their name known around town.  The album has also helped to shape the band’s future plans, as they prepare to tour regionally.  “We really want people to listen to the album” Garcia said about the upcoming tour.

If you are looking for some good local music I highly recommend Yardsale.  I know “Knock Alley West” is playing in my stereo now.

Some upcoming shows include

Feb 18 – Headliners

Feb 27 – Skull Alley

March 5 – Z-bar.

Furlong “A Nasty Beautiful Bloddy Train Wreck”

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“You can’t put us in a box, we would suffocate” said Furlong guitarist Dave Rucinski when asked to define the band’s style.  This shines through in the band’s music with a mix of a fast paced punk and psychedelic styles and at times intricate guitar riffs, which is a complement to the bands various influences and style.

The band began in 2003 as a four piece, but after several lineup changes the three-piece that’s seen around Louisville today began in 2007.  This line up includes Dave Rucinski guitar and vocals, Jim Hall bass and Andy Matter drums.

Because of the bands unique style Rucinski said, “We are not the ‘get noticed’ kind of band.  We believe your music should speak for itself …and people will be attracted to in naturally.”

As for Furlongs plans and goal they don’t really have one they just want to play and record, “honest music.”  A few current projects for the band include a seven-inch vinyl that will have a limited number of copies coming out in May  as part of a series of EP’s. Also they have recently recorded tracks to “Louisville is for Lovers Vol. X”, and the compilation project “Louisville Does Louisville.”

For more information on Furlong or to listen to their music visit

Louisville’s Blues Bar

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In this post, instead of focusing on a particular band in Louisville I wanted to highlight a local venue.  Stevie Ray’s Blues Bar, in my opinion is the best place for someone looking to hear great blues music.  The bar has everything from open mic nights to national blues acts.

I have been to several open mic nights and they are a great, and cheap way to hear new local talent in the city.  These open mic nights are every Monday starting 9pm with no cover.  Besides open mic night Stevie Ray’s has music every night of the week, so there is always good music playing at the bar.

Unfortunately Stevie Ray’s is not open to everyone their website states very clearly they do not serve food and are 21 or older.